It was a Wednesday night, and Morgan the fisherman was bored. As he sat in Skara Brae, yet another mage ran by, screaming "destination i will take thee" over and over. It was a sight that the young fisherman had seen may times.

Morgan sighed. These Spam Mages had taken heroism out of the world. They ran around like robots, looking for the shortest trip possible, for the greatest gain. Where were the days when heroes ecorted the weak out of kindness, rather than greed?

As Morgan mulled it over, an idea occured to him! If there was a true hero left, a generous hero, Morgan would find him, and reward him generously. But first the fisherman needed a plan...

(1) Morgan went to the bank and made out a check for 10,000 gold
(2) He hid the check under some robes in his pack, so no one would guess that he carried such a prize.
(3) He disguised himself as a wandering healer named "Prentice," and set up camp outside Britain...

Of course, a clever adventurer would quickly make out that "Prentice" was no ordinary wandering healer. First of all, most wandering healers don't ask to be taken to a cemetery. Second, a close look would show that he had no healer title. Sure enough, most adventurers saw through his disguise:

Still, Morgan had faith that someone would be generous enough to lead him to the Vesper Cemetery. He waited for two hours with no luck, then changed his disguise to read "Olaf," and waited some more. Most people suspected that some trick was afoot, and refused to help:

Dragon Wind of returner actually said "Good luck finding a sucker." Others were ruder, resorting to profanity or insults! Even those who did not resort to profanity were suspicous and mean-hearted. Thosil of the Citizens of Wispwood Shire demanded 400 gp, up front:

After hours of waiting, only a few people had even said "I will take thee." Some led Morgan to their murderous firends, who attempted to take the prize by force. A young man named Beowulf led the "healer" to all the way to the moongate...

... then led him into a group of monsters to die! SpAwN of The Fallen also led him out into the wilderness and abandoned him.

After four hours, Morgan was begining to worry that there were no heroes left in the world. But then a man named Varhnok Bludise, a man affiliated with no guild at all, approached the fisherman, and said "I will take thee." Varhnok was true to his word, and led "Olaf" all the way to the Vesper cemetery. And Morgan, happy to see that the virtues were not completely dead, had a happy surprise for his hero:

So remember, adventurers, next time you see a person along the road who asks for your help, be kind, be courteous, and above all else, be heroic!