From the Journal of Brehmen, son of Lufgar

There was a time before the Discovery-- I am sure of it-- a time before the joining of the Pack. But that time is foggy now, as distant from the present as the stars are from the sea. All things that matter begin on the day of the Discovery, and so that is where I shall begin.

I was young on that day, for a Two-Leg; possibly six or seven years old. Young enough that the Pack, who avoid most Two-Legs, felt that I was harmless. Tergach, son of Yerrg, was among those who found me; impatiently, he leapt to devour what seemed to him a defenseless Two-Leg cub.

He never reached me. Even at so tender an age, Lufgar the All-Seeing protected his son-- stones rained down upon the head of Tergach, driving him back. The rest of the Pack, sensing the work of the Lord, decided to leave me be. As they retreated, however, I transformed into a Lupine cub and followed them back to the Den.

Now, the Elders had heard of creatures like me, who could take both the form of a Two-Leg and a Lupine. But never had they encountered one who had the powers of Lufgar himself; the ability to fly, to paralyze prey, to kill with no more than a thought. The Wise Ones met at the next full moon, and it was decided that I was a messenger from the Lupine God, and should therefore join the Pack.

So it was that I was raised among my Lupine brothers and sisters. As I aged, I had visions, and it became clear to me that I was here on the Mortal Plane for some reason. It was revealed to me in a dream that I was the son of Lufgar and a human woman-- as such, I could assume the form of either parent, and could wield many of the powers Lufgar is said to possess.

I was strong enough that I could have become an Elder, if I desired, but I knew that my purpose on this Plane lay down a different path. Still, I was a great friend of the Wise Ones, and was mated to Sheila, an Elder's daughter. When Tergach, son of Yerrg, went mad with the Rogue sickness, it was I who was chosen to track and slay him-- I wear his pelt to this day.

Still, I wondered why I had been sent to this world, and the Pack seemed to hold no answers. Then, one day, some Two-Legs entered the Pack's Forest, in an area favored by me and Sheila for its game. I was set to devour them, or at least chase them away, when one of them spoke. I found that I could understand their language, which I took to be a sign; if the Pack held no answers regarding my destiny, perhaps the people of my mother would.

The Elders granted me permission to leave the Pack for as I long as I felt was necessary to determine my Path in life. I took Sheila, and some provisions scavenged from the bodies of Two-Legs who had ventured into Pack territory a few days before, as well as a shield that Wise Ones had given to me on the day that Sheila and I were mated. Transforming into Two-Leg form, I approached the intruders I had spotted earlier, and convinced them to take me to the lands of men....

Thus began my adventures among the Two-Legs.